Our health care system is too far gone for treatment with a single pill.
We need a stiff cocktail of meds - a collection of solutions . . .
for a Sick Health System
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From the Table of Contents:

1. Post prices
2. Standardize prices
3. Patient cost signoff
4. Mandatory national medical error reporting
5. Electronic record keeping
6. Simplified forms
7. National treatment effectiveness advisory council
8. Pharmaceutical purchasing by database
9. Follow the doctor's orders
10. Medical procedure checklist
11. Ban pay-by-procedure
12. Geographic balance in payments
13. Ban advertising of prescription drugs
14. Ban individualized drug, equipment marketing
15. Medical injury pool
16-18. Rationalize health insurance funding, payout
19. Support hybrid benefit/contribution insurance
20. End of life consultations and advance directives
21. Tax breaks for GPs
22. Money for med schools
23. Drug R&D tax support
24. Common drug prices
25. Tax high insurance and provider overhead
26. Expand reach of worker comp insurance funds
27. Bar insurers from customer cherry-picking
28. Health insurance in plain English
29. Policy terms, prices cannot change more than annually
30. Fight hypochondria
31. Health corporations balance interests
32. Tax incentives for cooperative health care
33. Study which systems work best in various communities
34. Medical billing in plain English
35. Ban junk food, high sugar drinks in public schools K-12
36. Doc in a box
37. No bias against lower cost options
38. Disconnect health insurance from workplace
39. Equalize employer, individual insurance buy-in
40. Set mandatory minimum coverage
41. Standardize, flatten payments
42. Standardize insurance company medical loss ratios
43. Wellness benefits
44. Turn off the talk radio, turn off the cable news
45. Slash Medicare paperwork
46. Individuals own their medical records
47. Allow insurance purchase across state lines
48. Accept financial reality
49. Review, strengthen certificate of need standards
50. Explicit buy-in from everyone.

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