Our health care system is too far gone for treatment with a single pill.
We need a stiff cocktail of meds - a collection of solutions . . .
for a Sick Health System
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About the author
Randy Stapilus isn't a doctor and he doesn't even play one on TV. He is a journalist who set out to answer the question: If you put aside the politics and the special interests, what steps could be taken that would cut the sky-high cost of our health care, and provide a reasonable standard of health care for Americans?

He is accustomed to information-gathering, as a daily newspaper reporter and editor for 16 years and a researcher editor and reporter on public affairs for 19 years since then. Health issues are not his speciaty; the subject of his last book was a water rights adjudication.

But a strong interest in health policy took a sharp upward curve in the summer of 2008 when he was hospitalized for a week and saw the system up close. Stapilus' health recovered. His finances were less fortunate.

This book emerged from an intensive review of ideas that look as if they could work - as well as the discard of some that clearly wouldn't, but get a lot of media attention anyway.

Stapilus lives in Carlton, Oregon, with his wife Linda Watkins, and three dogs.

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